Standard E-MARK certification

Fahameh has been accredited by standard organization for Vehicle and Motorcycle Type Approval and issuance of COP (Conformity of Production).
In the wake of signing a contract  with CSI Company; a member of IMQ group which is one of seven laboratories accredited by E-NCAP and one of two laboratories approved by FORMULA 1, a variety of tests such as the followings can be performed:
• Passive Safety
• Active Safety
• Endurance & Fatigue
• Environmental Testing
• System & Component Testing
• Vehicle Validation, Durability & Reliability Growth
• Homologations & Technical Support

With regard to the above mentioned MOU, other services including the below ones can be offered too:
• Consulting   and  construction  of Full Crash Test  and   Passive Test equipment  according to E-NCAP standard
• Consulting for purchasing and equipping vehicle laboratories
• Issuance of E-Mark for vehicle parts
• Validation and verification of available testing equipment and its operation for issuing E-Mark certificate by CSI
• Special consulting services and engineering projects needed by principals
• Recording the vehicle functional status and how the electric and electronic parts and engine are connected and dispatch of the online reports to the central server

• Issuance of the Motorcycle Type Approval for imported motorcycles based on European standards ( E-Mark)

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