Project Engineering and Management System

The increase of the value and importance of investments as well as proper financing and this fact that nowadays such studies have become more specialized, led to banking network and investment organizations greater need for using experts in this section.
For many years FAHAMEH Engineering & Industrial Company has been in the list of banks and investors trusted companies.
Gradually and over the years, relying on the acquired knowledge and experience, in order to meet the other customers’ needs, Fahameh added some other fields such as market research, preparation of business plans, problems diagnosis and …to its activities.  

Feasibility study:
Feasibility study follows the below targets:
• By identifying and analyzing the economic and financial evaluations, determines the proper various technical and administrative choices
• By studying potential benefits of the project, supports decision-making process

Credit validation for using banks' facilities for natural and legal persons is a necessity.
Fahama, a ranked member, the Bank's Credit and Investment Advisory Association, offers the following services as third-party inspectors to banks and corporates.
•  Assessment of Applicant's Activeness and Validity (person or company)
• Review of turnover and financial power and liquidity of the applicant
•  Check the financial statements
•  Measuring Financial Indicators and Risk Assessment
 • Studying the favorable situation of the applicant in the banking system of the country
 • Estimated Sales and Turn Over Yearly Applicants
•  Determine the credit limit

Market studies:
In order to complete and develop the services,
Research and market research by
Project Engineering and Management Systems
  Added to this section service.

Market studies include:
 • Identify and review market segmentation
 • Investigating current participants and evaluating market competition
 • Review barriers to entry
 • Market behavior and performance review
 • Identify market entry strategies
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