In the year 1993, a group of executives and practitioners began to form the core of the Industrial Engineering Company of Fahama to achieve their beliefs and beliefs. The joint ideas and goals and the bright and luminous perspectives of this group led to the rapid start of activities and services in their specialized fields and to quickly develop their activities.
With over half a century of experience, Fahame has begun its activity and now, with its quarter-century experience focusing on the specialized activities of economic engineering services, inspection and evaluation, management consultancy is one of the most well-known and most recognized companies in the field. .
With the activation of the company, the inspection and oversight department during the construction began, and following it, and according to the records of the senior managers of the company in the industry, led to cooperation with IranKhodro (Sapko) and Saipa (Sazeh Gostar) as the inspector of production lines and components The place of suppliers has continued continuously. In order to develop this sector, vehicle and motor vehicle inspection has also been added to Fahama’s services.
This period has expanded its activities in the following areas:

  • Investment consulting in oil, gas, food and …
  • management consultation
  • Technical inspection
  • Creation of information management systems
  • Types of inspection services
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Consulting services in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals

Fahameh honesty and honesty. Globalization  Commitment to the coming centuries

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The mission is to promote the quality of the industry
  Through: improving and developing systems and processes,
increasing technical knowledge, increasing the quality of products.

We intend to check in the next 5 years
By relying on over half a century of knowledge and experience of its executives ,
Fahameh will be in the top of the list

Fahameh undertakes to provide its services in all areas with respect to the principles of environmental protection and to enhance the satisfaction of its customers and employees in this field.

Managing Director of Fahame Industrial Engineering Co.In this statement, he pledges to
All managers, staff and inspectors of type (A and third party)
And with the following arguments:
– Realistic and non-judgmental
– Independence and fairness
– Being free of conflicts in interests,
Which is the guarantor of the principle of impartiality, perform their inspection duties in accordance with current laws.