Awareness of the standards of a variety of technical systems, the detection of inconsistencies and their criticality raises the importance of mastering technical inspection.Having technical competence in different branches will increase the control of inspectors in the affairs.Fahameh Industrial Engineering Co. has been certified by the National Standards Organization of 17020 in various fields:


Oil, gas and petrochemical department of Fahameh Eng. & Ind. Company has developed its activities to provide services in Supply chain, Inspection and Training. A brief scope of services to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries is as follows:

Procurement and Supply chain

In procurement field, the aim is general supply of material and equipments to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries from most reliable international sources and suppliers. To fulfill the mentioned target, Fahameh Co. has signed contracts with most reputed manufacturers and suppliers from North America, Europe and Asia and acting as a direct agent from them to supply most of equipments, Instruments, Packages and Pipes. In this regard, Fahameh Co. is committed to support his clients with the best quality, time and price.


Fahameh Co. has more than 20 years of inspection experience in various industries. However, to fulfill our clients increasing expectations and to update the quality services, Fahameh Co. has signed agreements with the leading international Inspection authorities and is able to provide specialized, advanced and hi-tech inspection services in Upstream or downstream to his esteemed clients all over the country. It is also worth to emphasis that some of our services are unique and is not provided by any other local institute or company.


To support the domestic Industries and developing the knowledge of our genius specialists, Fahameh Company has tried hardly to transfer the international knowledge with new methodologies to Iran. In this issue, Fahameh Co. has signed some contracts with most reputed and well-known international institutes and companies to provide a high quality and certified training courses to domestic industries and individuals. In support of this, we are able to plan and conduct tailor made courses in Process, Maintenance,

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With the increase in the use of elevators in the building industry and consequently the high risk of incorrect and non-standard installation, the necessity to ensure the individual and public safety factors of installed and in installation process electric elevators, as per Iranian National Standard Organization requirements, has become mandatory.
In the line with the development of elevators standards, Fahameh Engineering and Industrial Co. was one of the first accredited companies that started its activities throughout the country in this regard,
In addition to elevators annual obligatory control and maintenance contracts with the active companies in this field, considering the large number of more than 20 year old available working elevators,
periodic Inspection of elevators performances in the country by accredited companies is a mandated requirement that readily can be done by Fahameh specialists.

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The professional group of Fahameh specialists relying on their technical knowledge and valuable experience in inspection of the other similar products such as:

  • Escalators
  • Conveyers (walk way) used in passenger terminals
  • Tower cranes

are ready to render services to the esteemed clients.

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All vehicles that are first manufactured in or imported into the country and also all the vehicles that have been already manufactured in the country and have not received the Vehicle Type Approval yet must receive this certificate; otherwise, will not receive the traffic licenses (license plate).

Vehicle type approval means:
Approval of production samples of a model based on the requirements and the specified related standards
Vehicle type approval certificate is a need for releasing the imported and exported vehicles from customs.
For over 20 years, FAHAMEH has been cooperating with vehicle manufactures and their parts suppliers as the principals’ representative and inspector to supervise the domestic car parts production process.
FAHAMEH Engineering and Industrial Co. the Eyes of Automakers in Process and Product Audits
Due to its long history in technical inspection of vehicle parts, Fahameh has been accredited by standard organization for Vehicle and Motorcycle Type Approval and issuance of COP (Conformity of Production).

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n order to :
Increase the safety and ensure the high quality of fuel supply
respect the consumer rights
all fuel distribution stations (gasoline, CNG, etc.) are required to comply with obligatory technical standards in relation with:

  • Technical specification of location
  • Distribution equipment
  • Calibration of fuel pumps

FAHAMEH as the second or third party inspector is ready to provide the below services:

  • Conformity assessment of tanks and pumps
  • Assessment of the safety conditions and standards (wiring, fire-fighting equipment, etc.) of the fuel distribution location
  • Conformity assessment of equipment as per the specified standards
  • Inspection and calibration of distribution pumps
    to all fuel stations owners including public or private sectors.

With regard to inspection of CNG Fueling Stations, Fahameh Engineering and industrial Company is proud that since 2014 as the technical inspection company partner, has been cooperating with Standard Offices across the country (Tehran, Yazd, Qom …) and contributed its share in promoting the safety level of consumers and station owners.

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All models of motorcycles, before the start of the production stage, must fulfill the requirements of the related national standards mandated by Iranian National Standards organization and receive the Type Approval certificate.
Motorcycle type approval means:
Study of a motorcycle type documents as per 17, 21 and 27 mandatory standards
Various Iranian National Standards that include all imported and domestic motorcycle products are as follows:

  • ۱۷ mandatory standards: related to the motorcycles with internal chassis
  • ۲۳ mandatory standards: related to the electric motorcycles
  • ۲۷ mandatory standards: related to motorcycles with external chassis

Fahameh Engineering and Industrial Company is accredited by Iranian National Standard Organization for issuance of Motor Cycle Type Approval as per the above mentioned standards.

In addition to the above mentioned services, relying on its brilliant experience in the field of “Vehicle & Driving Force”, Fahameh is ready to render the below services to its clients:

  • Physical inspection of imported motorcycles based on their approved types
  • Issuance of the Motorcycle Type Approval for imported motorcycles based on European standards ( E-Mark)
  • COP audits and preparation of monthly list of approved motorcycles for Iranian National Standards Organization for issuance of license plates

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For continuation of economic and social survival as well as growth and development of welfare, energy is needed.
Our planet has limited energy resources that with the increase in consumption are rapidly ending. In modern life even the smallest daily activities need energy consumption. Thus, supplying the required energy involves finding new solutions.
Finding new resources, identifying solutions for optimal consumption and also reviewing the feasibility of the renewable energy resources are the necessities for each country.
The results of study concerning energy resources, consumption, and prospect of future energy supply and consumption in Iran show that the waste of energy resources is about 20% to 30%. Supply of cheaper, cleaner, and reproducible energy guarantees better and healthier future for our children.
In two sections:

  • Energy in Industry
    • Consulting for optimization  and reduction of energy consumption in industrial fields
    • Suggesting necessary solutions for solving problems and increasing system and production process efficiencies
    • Measuring and characterizing performance and the amount of consumption of energy in industrial units
    • Technical and economic evaluations for investment and reduction of energy consumption in industrial units
    • Preparing economic feasibility plan for increasing the energy efficiency in industrial units
  • Energy in Building
    • Consulting for optimization  and reduction of  energy consumption in building industry (office and residential)
    • Determining the quality of energy performance of buildings
    •  Suggesting necessary solutions for solving problems in energy consumption of buildings
    • Determining the saving potential in energy consumption in industrial units of building sector
    • Determining the amount of investment for reduction of building energy consumption and investment return period

Fahameh provides services.

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